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a chartered accountant can do for you ?
      Advice from a chartered accountant can be invaluable. Whether you are       faced with business or personal financial issues, no one is better qualified to       help you than a chartered accountant.

            Setting up in a business.
            Complying with the law.
            Keeping informed
            Planning for profit
            Raising finance
            Managing growth
            Buying, selling or merging
            Minimising business tax
            Agreeing tax liabilities
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            Setting up in business

      There are also many issues to be addressed. Listed below are some of the       common questions which arise when starting or growing a business.

      Setting up and running a small business ::

      1. People keep telling me I need to find an accountant before I start my           new business. Wouldn't this be a waste of money when I don't have any           accounts to be checked?
      2. My business is growing and I'm spending too long on the accounts.
          Would I save time if I bought a PC and some accounting software and did           my books on the computer?
      3. My business needs to raise some finance for growth.
          Who can give me some impartial advice and what are my options?
      4. I started as a sole trader but have been told that I should consider           incorporating a company?
          What are the basic tax differences between being a limited company           and a sole trader?
      5. I am setting up a new business. I am PC literate and have bought some           accounting software to record my transactions.
          What more could an accountant do for me?
      6. I am about to employ an accountant for the first time.
          What are the minimum standards that I can expect from the person I           appoint?

      Tax issues ::

7. Is there an advantage if I send in my Tax Return before 30 September?
      8. How can I find out if I am paying too much tax?
      9. How can I keep up to date with what are termed 'allowable expenses'           and also 'reimbursable expenses'?
     10. I run a small business and I am concerned that my tax bill has increased           significantly. My accountant tells me it?s because of the Self Assessment           Payment on Account system. Could you explain how this works?

      Selling/handing on your business ::

     11. How do I best go about selling a business?
     12. I want to retire. How do I get my money out of the business without            closing it down?


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